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SHE is Strong, Healthy and Empowered. She believes that balance is key to life and to truly be in harmony with ones self, one must find balance in mind, body, soul.

SHE, Guelph, Spa




Our passion for health and beauty channels therapeutic touch and award winning products to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body & soul. SHE helps to guide and support you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Our compassion,  knowledge and quality care allow us to give our clients results that deliver.​


We invite you to SHE Health and Beauty with pleasure.

Helping you to find balance and inspa'ration!


Keri is a gifted Psychic Advisor who uses her gifts to provide balance, clarity and insight into your life. Keri is passionate about sharing her Psychic abilities and intuition to help and better the lives of others.

A Psychic Reading with Keri will empower you and help you realize your potential. It will let you know what is going on around you and pick up on issues or situations that should be discussed. Everyone has blocks in their energy and own insight from time to time, your reading with will allow you to focus on yourself, and increase your awareness.

Keri will provide your with insight and information in love/relationship, career/finances, family/friendships, self improvement/confidence and much more.


Jamie-Lee began her career as an Esthetician  14 years ago.  Since graduating from Gina's College of Advanced Aesthetics she has built her career through consistency, quality care, and the ability to connect with her clients. Her work is meticulous, with focus on detail and therapeutic touch. Jamie-Lee understands the importance of continuing education and has attended many courses and seminars to continue advancing her skills including electrology, nail artistry, classic and volume lashes, and various skin therapies training with world-renowned trainers. Her passion for beauty and well being allows her to bring balance to her clients.

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