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SHE, Guelph, Spa
SHE, Guelph, Spa

Our Body and Nail Rituals are designed to elevate your Slow Beauty experience by treating the mind, body and spirit. We have selected cruelty free product lines because we love beauty but we love animals too!

Mindful Manicure

30 mins $29

Best suited for clients who need a quick touch up. File, cuticle work, application of a signature scented
lotion and a perfected polish application.

Signature Manicure

60 Mins $39

Experience deep exfoliation followed by a beautiful arm and hand bathing
experience to cleanse away tension and stress. Signature massage with  cuticle work and nails  that are perfectly polished and
finely groomed.

Shellac Manicure

60 mins $49

 Guaranteed to last up to 14 days. Not to be confused with other gel polishes, SHE uses CND Shellac polish to create durable and instantaneously dry nails, cured in an LED lamp. Removal is gentle and does not require being filed/drilled off.

Signature Pedicure

60 mins $58

Slow Beauty Signature Pedicure begins with an opening  ritual that suits your mind, body and
spirit. The signature scent will allow you to travel through an aroma journey while ultra luxe
exfoliation will renew and restore hydration and moisture.
Experience the Signature Slow Beauty massage as it melts away tension and stress. Nails and cuticles  are finely groomed, heels smoothed and toes are perfectly polished.

Creative Nail Art and Design

We love to create custom nails for our clients. Prices will be subject to consultation

Mineral Make-Up Lesson

45 min, $60.00

Upon consultation with you, our Make-Up Artist will carefully select natural mineral pigments to complement your features, followed by a full lesson in the correct application to enhance your complexion. You will receive a personalized booklet illustrating how to achieve your desired look at home.

Bridal Make-Up and Trial

60 min, $115

Our Bridal Make-Up begins with a consultation with our Make-Up Artist, preferably close to the wedding day, to discuss your desired look, followed by the application of the selected colours in our trial make-up application. This ensures your peace of mind and a serene make-up application experience, on your wedding day.

Mineral Make-Up Application

45 minutes, $54

Great for a special event, date or meeting. Relax while our professional Make-Up Artist takes care of your make-up application.

* free with the purchase of $80 retail makeup

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