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Skincare & Body Treatments

SHE, Guelph, Spa


Customized to each individuals skin health and needs.

At SHE we believe every face tells a story so our approach to skin care and products is unique. In our face mapping consultation we take an in depth look at your skin and consult with you so we use and recommend the perfect products for your routine and lifestyle.


All our Dermalogica products have a 30 day money guarantee when recommended by our  skin therapist.

Express Facial - a perfect add on, or skincare boost!

Experience Dermalogica products! 10 min, $28.00

The FaceFit Treatment is a 10- minute, skin solving service to address your biggest concerns in a quick, yet effective way.


You will see immediate results after this action-packed treatment. Free with the min product purchase of $125 

Luxury Head to Toe Treatment
90 mins  $138


Our luxury facial includes the Signature Dermalogica Treatment to refresh your skin and relieve tension with our back, neck, shoulder massage.


With this luxury treatment  your massage will extend to your fingertips and your feet with a warm towel wrapped and massaged to leave your whole body feeling calm and relaxed as the aromas allow you to drift away. 

Teen Facial Treatment

45 min, $80.00

This treatment combines a deep cleanse and gentle anti bacterial ingredients to calm inflammation,  clear pores, improve texture and balance hydration.

A series of 3 is recommended for enhanced benefits.

Package of 3 $220 ($20 savings)

Detoxifying Back Treatment
45 mins, $98

This advanced treatment incorporates exfoliation, and masking to bring noticeable change to this problematic area. As a highly effective series of treatments, you will notice improved texture, reduced pore visibility and a lightening of sun damage or uneven skin tone.


For optimum results, this treatment is recommended in a series of 3.

Signature Dermalogica Facial

60 min, $98.00

The Ultimate in a skin care experience. Let our highly-trained professional take you on a journey to your healthiest skin possible.

Your skin Therapist will be able to create a treatment approach to address your skin challenges with instant results!

Center Yourself Body Treatment
60 mins, $153

A relaxing full body treatment and exfoliation. Nurture your body with a slow aging body exfoliation and detoxifying or hydrating body wrap. A scalp massage brings the mind to a state of release, while a foot cleansing ritual & massage restores and grounds you.


This treatment will leave your skin smooth, soft and bright! Great treatment after too much sun exposure or to drive away the winter blues!

The Slow Beauty services begin with an opening breathing ritual created to calm your
mind, body and spirit 

 Medi-Facial Additions

Dermaplaning        $65

Micro Needling       $ 198

Microdermabrasion        $80

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