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Eyelash Extension FAQ's

Good lashes aren't cheap, and cheap lashes aren't good.

People have many misconceptions about eyelash extensions because like many spa services we have all heard stories, and in this case even seen the poor work on others. I want to assure you that is not the work of SHE.

In our applications we allow the time for glue to dry (1s) and isolate lashes when applying to assure comfort and enhancement of the natural lash health. Application of extensions is relaxing and many clients fall asleep during their appointments. We like to call this - the lash nap :)

Lash extensions are only damaging if the application is rushed, poor quality products are used and the technician is applying lashes to long or heavy to be properly supported by the natural lash cycles. 

1. Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No, but how they are applied can. Please read further..

When eyelash extensions are applied correctly, they will not compromise the integrity of your natural lashes. When the artist applies properly, the extension will grow out with your natural lash through the growth cycle. They will shed out when the natural lash is ready to shed. This process is our natural shedding process and lashes can continue to grow.

The only time an eyelash extension causes damage is if it is applied incorrectly or rushed.  This can mean too long/thick/heavy of an extension, too much glue and not even time to dry or if applied as cluster lashes with improper isolation of the natural lashes.  

A good lash artist will have many lash types, differing in diameter, lengths and curls. Together you will discuss your desired look, lifestyle, and eye shape to map the best lash design customized for you! 

2. Can I get my extensions wet

Clean lashes are happy lashes!

Yes, you can get your eyelash extensions wet.  Eyelash extension adhesive has significantly changed over the past decade and most of the adhesives on the market are now waterproof and oil proof. Lash techs should recommend proper aftercare and clients should be cleaning their lashes and rinsing well with water.


Improper hygiene can result in poor retention, infections, and impede on natural lash growth. You should be recommended a lash cleansing product by your technician at your first appointment

3. Can I Wear Makeup with Eyelash Extensions?

You can wear makeup when you have eyelash extensions, we recommend that you stay away from oil-proof and waterproof products such as waterproof mascara or eyeliner. However with eyelash extensions you shouldn't feel the need to wear daily eye make up because you woke up like this!

Extensions should save you time in your morning routine and have you feeling confident and beautiful everyday!

But why would you want to?!

4. How often will I need to book appointments?

We love lashes because of their low maintenance

A good lash tech will recommend booking your fill appointment every 3 weeks. At this appointment we gently remove lashes that have grown out too far but are still attached and put new extensions on the new growth lashes, that would have been 'baby' lashes at your previous appointment and not yet strong enough to support an extension.

This process allows your natural lashes to continue to grow and stay strong and healthy. A lash serum may be recommended if lashes have been previously damaged.

5. Do I need to take a break from eyelash extensions?

Every now and again you may want to take a break but I assure you it wont be needed if lashes are applied with care. I myself have worn extensions for 10+ years with minimal time without them and I have many clients who have also gone years keeping up with fill appointments. 

If you are ever worried about lash health your technician can take a picture to show you what she sees when applying eyelash extensions. Your extensions should be easy to brush through and feel weightless extending their longevity. 

6. Eyelash extensions are heavy and uncomfortable

You can get what you pay for

Oftentimes when they feel uncomfortable, it is due to the lashes being too heavy or too long for the natural lash to hold. This can cause them to feel weighed down or to twist downward and not stay upright. If you are a client and you experience this, please reach out to your technician to discuss the situation and make adjustments to your set.

You may also experience sensations if the extension is placed to close or too far from the eyelid. This is why its important to see a trained and experienced professional. 

7. Can I Wear Makeup with Eyelash Extensions?

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8. Can extensions be removed?

Of course. If you get extensions and decide you don't like them for any reason your lash tech should be willing and able to remove them with a gentle remover. A solution sits on the lashes for a few minutes and gently slide off. Leaving your natural lashes as they were prior to the application. 

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